Sarah Palin and the Feminists

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Trauma is terrible, yet if we allow our lives to stagnate because of the fear of what can or could happen we lose sense of what we are here for along with the more important factor of what love means in life. Rape, molestation, abuse of any type or kind is unacceptable in the realm of what love is all about, yet it does exist, it is the reality we live with.

Feminists do not deal with the trauma they have perhaps been subjected to, although it may depend on how one defines a feminist. An example, many more women have been abused by their fathers than actually admit it, yet most deal with the ignorance and survive to lead happy lives with men totally unlike their fathers, yet in some ways the men may remind them of their fathers, which is what some tend to ignore and problems may persist at times in the relationship(s) they have. Some people just say do not go there, which is where they actually need to go, which is the point, if it is understood.

Where as many feminists will never let it go or deal with it, they let it fester and ruin their lives while at the same time try to make sure it ruins other lives also, because if they felt pain then everyone needs to feel as well as accept their pain. That is definitely not Sarah Palin, no matter what her past history is, which is no ones business anyway, at least in regards to running for public office. Yes some history is important to know, yet trauma and abuse is a private matter.

Sarah Palin may or may not consider herself to be a feminist, not that it really matters as if anyone pays attention to how she presents and carries herself it is evident she needs no ones pity or actually cares if someone does not like her. That is not a feminist trait in my humble opinion, even though someone may say they are a feminist.

Feminists will usually argue, fight, or do whatever it takes to get one to agree with their victimization from every single little blip of trauma experienced in life. Sad fact is acting like a victim will usually ensure some type of victimization. No it is not nice, though it is reality, and common sense will win if one knows how to use it.

For instance those who believe McCain chose Palin in order to somehow get more of the women's vote are incorrect in that assessment because Sarah does not nor did not cater to any one side in order to get attention. She is totally independent and real in who she is, agree with her or not, at least she will tell the truth, although it may not be the truth liberal feminists want to hear, or for that matter what conservative feminists want to hear. There is not an ounce of entitlement in her persona, she wants to help if she can because it is who she is, not what she thinks she deserves.

True feminism is the ability to keep the femininity of womanhood, which allows the power of woman to be as it is meant to be, which is absolute yet not dictatorial or tyrannical, which of course is where most men seem to have problems, leading to the problems we all face today from our government while at the same time because of the ignorance of following instead of leading, or knowing who to follow. Blind leading the blind is not usually a proficient way of growing, yet on the other hand at least the true blind have a legitimate excuse, even though most would not use an excuse of ignorance.

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Sarah Palin and the Feminists

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This article was published on 2010/04/04
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